Perfume-free soap: 5 benefits of soap without

Good natural soap without perfume is not always easy to find, but is becoming increasingly
more often sought by people with skin problems or allergic reactions. Fragrance-free or perfume-free soap
bars, body wash, or similar hygiene products, however, are in many cases better for the skin.
However, conscious personal hygiene goes beyond added perfumes alone. In this
overview, we therefore discuss the main benefits of soap without perfume.

Also, dyes, parabens, sulphates, or other ingredients that affect the natural balance of the
body can disrupt will often not be found in natural soap products. The selection of
high-quality perfume-free soap at Pure Health Store has been carefully selected for this:

1. Balance sensitive skin

Perfume-free soap of good quality is the ideal choice for people with sensitive skin. At
skin allergy, eczema, acne, or similar skin conditions, it is better to go for one that is as neutral as possible.
possible soap to choose from.

To keep sensitive skin in balance for a long time, soap without perfume can be the difference
make. The chemical and even natural ingredients in perfume, depending on the used
soap scents, in fact, could contribute to various skin problems.

A total absence of these harmful chemical and inflammatory natural ingredients is
obviously the ultimate goal. This should reduce skin irritation relatively quickly, the
skin should be better balanced and any negative effects of the perfumed soap after
should diminish over time.

2. Contains no unnecessary or unnatural ingredients

Everyone is familiar with the complicated E numbers in the food industry's processed products.
The world of 'ordinary soap' also likes to hitch a ride on these trends, by making the most complicated possible
adding substances to their products.

Producers do this mainly to make their products cheaper, or on artificial
way to 'improve'. By extending shelf life, binding ingredients to
boost, or, for example, enhance the smell. Just try the ingredient list of a
Zwitsal soap block to read. Good luck...

Nothing against the big soap brands, but neutral soap without unnecessary added ingredients
just keep it nice and simple. Real soap should be nothing more than water, lye, fats and
possibly a natural essential oil.

Lye (or sodium hydroxide) is used to bind the water and fat together. This is after
production cannot be found once the soap is finished. An essential oil is often added to this
added to promote the skin, such as lavender, St John's wort, or rosemary, for example.

3. Prevent skin irritation and itching

There has long been a debate among dermatologists around the effects of soaps containing
added perfume. Skin irritation, inflammation, itching and premature ageing of the skin
are regularly associated with 'ordinary scented soap'.
Improve overall skin health by consciously choosing soap without
Added perfume has been a central topic of discussion in the medical community for many years.
Do you notice that you yourself continue to experience adverse effects from the hygiene products you use daily
uses? Then it may well be worth giving neutral, perfume-free alternatives a fair
chance. If only to improve long-term skin hydration.

4. Moisturise the skin

People with chronic dry skin beware: try a neutral soap without foreign
additives. A whole new world will open up where extra ointments or other spreads will not
are no longer needed.
If you want long-lasting hydrated skin, start with the right hygiene products like soap and
shampoo. Making dry skin healthier will not happen overnight, but can
do improve with consistent use of a neutral perfume-free soap.
By removing toxins, the skin does not have to work as hard to stay balanced.
The synthetic fragrances added to standard soap products normally extract
talked this delicate skin balance through.
Prevent this by using high-quality neutral soap for a long time, without the
presence of ingredients that do not belong in it.

5. Improve body odour

Using soap with essential oil instead of soap with synthetic perfume will not
only boost skin balance. Much more is happening in the body that you will not immediately
notice. Indeed, the smell of the body also becomes a lot better and more pleasant for
the environment.
As long as restorative essential oils are used in small quantities, the
improve body odour naturally. It is one of the ways to do without perfume or deodorant
achieve better body odour.
When doing so, make sure you use both the perfume-containing soap and your deodorant sprays and any
ointments used less or not at all.

Especially around the scented parts of the body (e.g. the armpits), this is important to keep the
be able to maximise positive impact. This is not only pleasant for yourself, but certainly for
your immediate environment.

Natural soap without artificial fragrance

A neutral, natural perfume-free soap can make a world of difference. Especially for people
with sensitive skin or any skin complaints may potentially benefit from a pH-neutral
soap without perfume.

The ingredients of most neutral soap products go back to the basics of what soap should be
to be: a simple product to keep your body clean and fresh.
Without the presence of synthetic perfume in your standard soap bar, body wash, or other
products to keep yourself clean, the body can regain peace of mind. Being in balance with the basics
and get rid of foreign chemicals, which is the main goal when choosing
perfume-free soap.

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